Information privacy policy



As far as the details below, any information we collect at this site is used correctly for our needs and is not shared with any other community or personal entity for any purpose. whatever the reason or time. We will not sell or give lists or data that we may retain and not exchange information from other sources.


The server system monitors IP addresses and related sites to help improve and maintain the system. This data is only seen as anonymous statistics to indicate how uptime works the day or week, how well our pages are defective, and how our advertising activities are performing. This information is not used for any other purpose. THU PERSONAL INFORMATION

We retain the information from your order to finalize your order and support current and future customer care. In case your product is delivered by a third party as logistic service, as our partner, they will know your name, phone number and address to complete the order. You can choose to completely remove your information from this system by sending your request via email


If you request to amend, refine or remove some of your information on our records, please send an email to with clear information in your request. . If you would like more information, please contact us on our contact page.