Shipping / Forwarding Policy delivery on all days of the week, delivery time from 08h00 to 17h00 daily, prices listed clear, stable on a monthly basis.
Fast delivery and guaranteed:

1. Responsibility to process orders and transport products to customers by take and depend on the form of payment and shipping for the products that customers declare when creating orders. .

2. will be responsible for ensuring that customers receive the goods as ordered in the delivery time as committed. In case of defective or damaged goods, will accept new bundles for customers.

3. In case of force majeure, delivery time is delayed compared with the time prescribed, will notify customers. In case customer wants to cancel the order, will refund money back to customer (if paid in advance).

- If you have any questions about shipping information, please contact call center 024 3944 7161 for assistance.

- For long-distance delivery orders through outsourced service, to secure your goods, will pack the goods in special packages or boxes. than the size of the row.